Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mike's story

Mike's story:

I was in a long distance relationship. I thought that everything was going smoothly. Until one day I found out that my girlfriend Tisha had another boyfriend. And to make matters worse, HE had another girlfriend THAT SHE KNEW ABOUT!! Whut tha fuck? I wanted to marry this woman. I was saving to move out there and buy her a ring. I would have given her everything. I really thought we were in love. What would possess a woman to cheat on a good man with an obviously 'fucked up' man?
Please help me understand why this bitch could be so stupid.

Elise's Story

Elise's Story:

I am involved with a guy named Chris. Chris has been dating a girl on and off for about 6 years named Heather. She used to ride me bus and I would see him occasionally during freshman year. I saw him at an art mueseum once too. But we never spoke. We officially met each other on April 19th of this year. He's best friends with my best friend of ten months, Patience. Its a wonder we didn't meet until then. I thought he was cute, sweet, but that was about it. Me and Patience were up at Denny's after a trip to the mall and Chris, and his friends Matt and Samantah waltzed in. We took a table by them. We all ended up hanging out until four o'clock in the morning. Chris casually had his arm around me and flirted but that was about it. He's a flirt from what I've heard so I paid it no mind. I ran into him at school about a week after that. He didn't pass his sr. year (he used to have a drug problem) so he's been going to night school. And he was up at the high school during the day to take a test. We talked for a little while and then I ran off to my technical theatre class. I never really gave it much thought. Well over the month of may me, Patience and Chris began hanging out constantly. It was alot of fun. Me and Chris flirted but we're both flirts by nature so I didn't take any thing very seriously until May 26th. Eric, Stephanie, Patience, Chris and I went to the thrift store. I got a red plaid skirt and a pair of combat books. Patience and Chris found a beautiful dress for me to try on. It was lilac and white lace, most likely and 80's bridesmaid dress. It fit perfectly and I fell in love with it but it was fifteen dollars and I didn't have that much. I was on my way to put it back when Chris stopped me, told me I was getting it, and bought it for me with the promise of taking him somewhere while I was wearing it. I agreed that if I didn't have a date for jr prom I would take him. We all went to the mall but this day of being around him was different. He was hugging me alot, had his arm around me constantly, cuddling me in the car. Now him and Heather were together at this time. We left the mall and dropped Stephanie off. We all went to Patience's house to watch an anime of Eric's named Berserk. And me and Chris were laying down together on the couch under a blanket the entire time. Eric left at around 10:30 leaving us three. Chris and I were spending the night at Patience's house. We spent most of our time together on that couch and I feel awful for neglecting Patience. I hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time and any male attention was desperatly apriciated. I drifted in and out of sleep. Me and him both passed out at 6 am until about 7 am. We all then went to go get some coffee and something to eat. We went back to Patience's and all tried sleeping on her twin size bed. I was in the middle. I got up to pee and accidently woke them both up. So when I came back I decided to try sleeping on the floor. But Chris decided he wanted to sleep where ever I was. Patience said she wasn't tired and wanted to go on the computer. Later I foudn out that she wanted to sleep on the couch because she decided it was futile to try to get Chris away from me. We layed there on her bed talking for a long time. All evening he had been telling me that he's wanted me since that night at Denny's, and how he wanted to kiss me. I made a move and kissed him. Just as things were starting to get hot, he pulled away telling me it was wrong. I gave up and rolled over. He tried to make a move and put his hands down my pants. And I pulled it out hissing "don't fucking tease me." He rolled me over and looked into my eyes. He kissed me and I unbuttoned his pants. He put my hand on his crotch. He was hard and hot. It was disgusting me and exciting me at the same time. He pulled my hand deeper into his pants telling me that I didn't really want it. And I begged him for it. Telling him he was just teasing me if he didn't. He unzipped and fully exposed himself. He started rubbing himself against me telling me "now I'm just a tease." And I begged him for it more. He just kept telling me that it wouldn't be any good. He pulled down my pajama pants. Now it was the bliss on skin on skin. Again telling me I didn't really want it. I could taste the tears rise up in my throat as I begged for it. And, at last, penetration. It only lasted a few minets because he stopped, pulled out and started telling me how he was sorry but he just couldn't. Not with Heather. I rolled over, pissed off. He kept telling me he was sorry and begged me to look at him. I didn't oblige at first, let him know what it felt like to beg. Eventually I caved and looked at him. He looked like a man who was dying when he told me how sorry he was. I'm young and dumb and wasn't so understanding at the time. We agreed to take it to the grave. After that he became more open with his flirting with me. Him and Heather broke up and we were pretty much together. It drove Patience insane though and I felt bad. I do my damndest to not pay attention to only him, but he pays too much to me. He left on June 2nd to go to Utah for a tattoo convention where he's a featured artist. He'll be back on the 16th. We've talked occasionally. We came to an agreement. We could go out, but only to places where no one knew us. And we could have sex. But its to remain top secret.

Welcome to Cheating-Lying-Bastards!

Welcome to Cheating-Lying-Bastards!

I was recently cheated on. I started this blog because I want to understand the minds of cheaters. Why do they cheat? What do we do or don't do to deserve to be cheated on? Does everyone cheat?

Let's find some answers together. Cheaters and Victims, share your stories!

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